It’s hard to believe that the holidays are right around the corner, isn’t it? While it may seem like you were just busy celebrating Memorial Day as the unofficial start of summer, fall is about to settle in throughout the country. And we all know what that means – the holiday season isn’t far behind.

Beginning as early as Halloween, people all over the United States will be pulling out their Christmas lights to decorate for the holidays. While getting ready to put up your holiday lighting is always exciting, your enthusiasm can wane pretty quickly when your lights don’t work. This is certainly true if you’ve already put your lights up before you realized they don’t light up anymore.

To avoid wasting your time and energy, it’s important for you to check your Christmas lights after you get them out of storage. By checking them before you put them up, you’ll avoid having to install, remove and then re-install lights if they fail to light up.

Check the Circuit

While you might safely assume a strand of lights is dead if it doesn’t light up after you plug it into an outlet, you shouldn’t make the same assumption if multiple strands fail to light up when you’re using the same power source. The problem might not be with your lights. The issue might derive from the power source instead.

Go to your main service panel and check the circuit breaker that controls the power for the outlet you’re using. If the circuit breaker has tripped, put it back in the on position. Once you’ve done that, use a circuit tester to ensure the outlet has power.

Replace Broken or Burnt Fuses

Modern strands of holiday lights typically have one or two fuses located in or near the cord’s plug. If a string of lights won’t light up and your outlet is working, open the small door covering the fuses, pry them out and examine them for breaks or marks indicating they’re burnt out. Alternatively, you can use an ohm meter to check the functionality of a strand’s fuses.

If a fuse is broken or burned out, replace it with one that’s the same size and has the same rating. If the strand didn’t come with a replacement fuse or you just can’t find it, you’ll often be able to buy replacements at a local electronics or hardware store.

Check Your Bulbs Individually

If you’re using newer string lights, you can often spot a single bulb that’s not working with ease. Sometimes, the problem is simply that a given bulb is loose in its socket and needs to be pressed back into position. At other times, you might have to replace a bulb that no longer works.

While spotting dysfunctional bulbs is normally pretty easy with modern lights, it’s often more labor-intensive and time-consuming with older string lights. That’s because a single dysfunctional bulb can prevent an entire string from lighting up. If you’re using older Christmas lights, use a touchless light bulb tester to check your bulbs individually to save a lot of time and effort.

Put Checking Your Holiday Lighting Behind You with Our Christmas Light Company

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