Americans have been decorating their homes with holiday lighting for decades, which is why everyone seems to recognize when a home has been decorated and illuminated in the “traditional” sense. When we drive down our neighborhood streets at night, we recognize many of the familiar lighting elements that come with the season.

Most often, that means lights around the contour of a roof and perhaps a few wreaths hung around doors and lighting fixtures. While there is nothing inherently wrong with this approach, it does leave an opportunity for your home to stand out. Here at Christmas Creations, we want to be the Christmas light decoration company that helps your home look more festive than any other in your neighborhood, and that means integrating some of these seven creative holiday lighting ideas:

#1 Wrap Exterior Trees

While it is not possible to wrap every branch of a 50-year-old maple tree, your small-to-medium sized trees can add a lot of depth and dimension to your yard if they have at least some of their main branches and trunk wrapped in lights.

#2 Add Lawn Decorations

Liven up your lawn by choosing charming thematic sculptures that can also incorporate lights.

#3 Landscape Lights

So many people spend so much time running lights around the contours of their homes, they forget how lovely bushes and other landscaping features can look when draped with lights, too.

#4 Make Better Use of the Porch

The porch provides plenty of opportunities for creative lighting, including tables set with Christmas accouterments and strategically-placed lights, as well as railings and pillars that can add some depth and color, too.

#5 Play with Color

Most homes go either all-white with their lights or they opt for the standard multi-color option, but these days there are so many options for lights that some homes opt to go all-blue, all-green, or all-red.

Hire a Professional

If you can integrate a few of these ideas into your home and landscaping this year (or if you hire the professionals at Christmas Creations to do it for you), there is a very good chance that your home will stand out in a way that looks festive and classy in ways that homes only recently have been able to do. If you’d like help with any of these ideas, call or set up an appointment with Christmas Creations to get a jumpstart on the festive season.