FAQs About Holiday Lighting & Christmas Decoration

Does the customer provide their own lights?

No, we are full-service from start to finish. We provide everything, including the lights, timer, extension cords, and storage bins. Everything is customized to the specific house.

Do you buy your lights from places like Menards, Lowes, or Home Depot?

No, we purchase from two national holiday lighting suppliers that produce commercial-grade lighting that will last multiple years.

Do you give free estimates?

Yes. Please call us to set up an initial meeting!

What happens if a light bulb goes out?

Simply give us a call! We will gladly come out and replace it, free of charge.

When does installation begin?

We start the first Monday of October and will work until the phone stops ringing.

When are the lights taken down?

We begin the first Monday after Christmas and, depending on the weather, we will finish around February 10.

Do you only provide outside installation?

No, we provide indoor installation as well.

Houses only?

No, in fact, we also do commercial and municipalities.

Do you leave the lights at my house after you take them down?

No, we carefully pack your lights in labeled totes and store them securely in our shop for the summer.

Is the price the same every year?

No, in fact, the second year typically costs half the price of the first! In the first year, you are paying for the lights, chords, timers, and labor to install and remove them. The second year, you are only paying for the install and removal.

Is there any kind of warranty?

Yes, we provide a three-year warranty on our products.

Are you insured?

Yes! Not only are our employees covered, but your home is as well.

What kind of lights do you use?

We have several different types with varying prices. Please visit our distributors’ websites at Holidynamics and Seasonal Source to browse the different options.

Do you only use white lights?

No, there is a variety of different colors for you to choose from.

Do you offer wreaths to hang above my garage?

Yes, in fact, we offer and install pre-lit garland and trees, and even yard displays as well!