Residential Holiday Lighting Options from Christmas Creations

If you live in or near Sioux City or the tri-state region, you don’t have to look any further than Christmas Creations to find an experienced Christmas light company to decorate your residential property this holiday season. Since 2007, we’ve been decorating homes, businesses, and even municipalities with Christmas lights people simply can’t turn away from.

Our Services

At Christmas Creations, we enjoy holiday lights so much that we made them our full-time business. If you want an unforgettable Christmas light display at your home this year and every year, contact Christmas Creations to get a free quote for your property.

When you choose us as your Christmas light company, we’ll meet with you to discuss the type of layout you want. Whether you want to highlight your home’s architectural features, your landscaping, or something else, we’ll create a custom lighting design that your neighbors and passers-by will enjoy throughout the holiday season as much as you do.

We’ll hang your Christmas lights for you. We can hang Christmas lights on the inside and outside of your home so you won’t have to lift a finger to create the festive atmosphere you want your living space and property to have. We can set up pre-lit garland, Christmas trees, and yard displays in addition to hanging as many strings of holiday lights as you want.

You don’t have to worry about your Christmas lights at any point of the holiday season because we’ll maintain them for you. If a bulb goes out, just let us know and we’ll replace it. If a storm causes a display to fall over, give us a call and we’ll straighten it out for you.

At the end of the season, you won’t have to do a thing to take your lights down because we’ll remove them for you. We’ll even store them in our secure facility until the following year at no additional cost.

Our Lights

When we decorate a home, we don’t just use any holiday lights. Instead, we only use high-quality, commercial-grade Christmas lights which are made to last from year to year. While we’ll hang, maintain, remove, and store your Christmas lights, we don’t own them. You do.

When you choose us as your Christmas light company, you pay for your holiday lights in the first year you use our services. You don’t have to pay for more lights unless you want to add more Christmas lights to your display or change some of the ones we used to decorate your home from one year to the next.

Because you don’t have to pay for lights every year, many of our clients save money on our services in subsequent years after they use our Christmas light company the first time. In fact, a lot of our valued clients save as much as 50 percent in the second year compared to what they paid in the first year they hired us.

As your Christmas light company of choice, the services we provide make it easy for you to enjoy the holidays without having to worry about hanging Christmas lights. To schedule a free quote for your home, contact Christmas Creations today.