For some people, the start of the holiday season means being able to hang Christmas lights inside and outside of the home, creating a festive atmosphere that really makes it possible to enjoy the season. However, there also is no denying that the holiday season is one of the busiest times of year for many people, which means it can be easy to either forget about turning those lights on or getting home too late to flip the switch.

The easiest way to rid yourself of these issues is to invest in a timer for your lights. They are quite affordable, and many people find them fairly easy to install. Of course, if you’d rather hire a professional Christmas light company, we always are available to help you get it all set up.

If you do want to try setting your timer yourself, there are a few things to consider before plugging in everything and getting started:

Start Lights at Dusk

Obviously, the most important consideration when timing your lights is knowing when to turn them on, and since nobody is going to even notice them illuminated during the day, consider setting your timer to start your lights about 15 minutes before dusk. This will ensure that your home looks festive as soon as the sun drops below the horizon line.

Let People Enjoy Them on Their Drives Home from Work

Whatever you do, make sure the lights are on so people driving home from work can enjoy them. Honestly, you will get more appreciation from 5:00 to 7:00 than any other time of night, so setting your timer any later than that will limit how much your neighborhood is able to enjoy them.

Work with Sioux City’s Holiday Lighting Experts

Remember, if you need any help picking out the best timer for your needs or require assistance in setting these timers, give your Christmas light decorating company a call here at Christmas Creations and we’ll be happy to help any time!