You’ve thought of it all. You sent out monogrammed wedding invitations, chose the best caterer and menu, booked an idyllic venue and made arrangements for accommodations for all of your out of town guests. You found gorgeous flowers for your centerpieces, a bouquet that your friends will fight each other to catch and the most beautiful wedding dress and bridesmaid attire. You even made time to plan a fun-filled bachelorette party with your maid of honor.

While you’ve certainly done a lot, there’s still one thing left to do. And that’s to plan your wedding lighting.

The Importance of Party Lights for Your Wedding

Even though thinking about wedding lights might seem like an arduous task, planning your wedding reception lights should actually be one of the more enjoyable aspects of preparing for your wedding. Why is that the case? Because your wedding lighting will set the tone for your wedding.

Think about that for a second. When you do, you’ll fully appreciate the impact that your wedding lights can have on your big day no matter what kind of wedding you’re planning.

Here are some common wedding themes and the type of lighting that often pairs well with each one:

  • Classic: If you’re hosting a classic wedding indoors, consider going with crystal chandeliers, wall sconces, candelabras on your reception tables and an illuminated monogram shining on the dance floor. If you need outdoor wedding lights, think about using twinkle lights.
  • Rustic: Are you planning a rustic wedding? If so, globe-style market lights or large Christmas lights that shine the appropriate color will work well in both indoor and outdoor spaces.
  • Romantic: If you’re planning an indoor wedding with a romantic vibe, twinkle lights that are draped or hung vertically can create the appearance of a starry night inside. If your wedding will be outdoors, think about using pink color-wash wedding lights that will illuminate your venue with a romantic pinkish or rosy glow.
  • Modern: For modern weddings, lighting that complements skin tones is often preferable, such as pinks and purples. Adding LED lights to your floral centerpieces is a great way to create mood lighting for your reception as is projecting stars or another pattern over the dance floor.
  • Edgy: Uplighting is a great choice in an edgy space because you can use it to highlight unique architectural details or to add some color to your venue. Whether or not your space requires outdoor party lights, consider having your bartenders use LED cocktail stirrers in the drinks they serve to make things even more fun (and funny) for your guests.

Our Wedding Lighting Rental Company

No matter what kind of wedding you’re planning, our wedding lighting rental company has the lights that will make your big day even more special. We’ve provided lighting for a lot of weddings throughout the Siouxland-area, which means we’re familiar with many of the area’s venues and their requirements.

If you’re planning a wedding, work with an experienced organization that knows how to illuminate any space to perfection. Contact Christmas Creations to schedule a free consultation today.